Davis-Asik Combination Delivering Big Results in New Orleans

New Orleans Pelicans center Omer Asik

Gerald Herbert/AP

The sample size may be small, but the results are particularly promising when it comes to analyzing the Omer Asik addition in New Orleans. 

The Pelicans targeted Asik this off season to give star forward Anthony Davis reliable big help, after a carousel of players tried their hand at the 5 position.

"Omer helps me a lot," Davis said. "When I’m with him, he gets a lot of rebounds so I don’t feel like every one is on me. That means I can try to run the floor. I have so much more freedom to roam the perimeter now."

Davis does still go after offensive rebounds, but he lets Asik handle the dirty work on the defensive glass.

It didn’t take these two bigs long to learn how to work together once they finally met in training camp shortly before the season started.  Each played for their respective national teams this summer for the FIBA World Championships. Asik is from Bursa, Turkey.

Now, less than a month into the season,  the Davis/Asik duo leads the league in both rebounds and blocks by a tandem.

Most Rebounds Per Game by Team’s Top Duo – 2014-15

(Played in 75% of team games)

  1. Pelicans             23.6^  Anthony Davis (12.9) & Omer Asik (10.7)

  2. Pistons              21.9   Greg Monroe (11.0) & Andre Drummond (10.9)

  3. Bulls                21.4   Pau Gasol (11.1) & Joakim Noah (10.3)

  4. Magic                20.2   Nikola Vucevic (11.9) & Tobias Harris (8.3)

  5. Spurs                19.5   Tim Duncan (11.5) & Kawhi Leonard (8.0)

Most Blocks Per Game by Team’s Top Duo – 2014-15

(Played in 75% of team games)

  1. Pelicans             5.86^  Anthony Davis (4.43) & Omer Asik (1.43)

  2. Pacers               4.33   Roy Hibbert (3.33) & Lavoy Allen (1.00)

  3. Bulls                3.87   Pau Gasol (2.44) & Joakim Noah (1.43)

  4. Warriors             3.51   Andrew Bogut (2.13) & Draymond Green (1.38)

  5. Bucks                3.38   Larry Sanders (2.00) & John Henson (1.38)

The numbers Davis and Asik are combining to post aren’t just impressive for this season; they’re eye-popping historically as well.

The 23.6 rebounding average the Davis/Asik duo is sporting is the highest in NBA since the Spurs’ Dennis Rodman (17.3) and David Robinson (10.7) combined for a 28-per-game average in 1993-94.

The Davis/Asik dou’s 5.86 blocks-per-game-average is the highest since the Nuggets’ Dikembe Mutombo (4.49) and Antonio McDyess (1.50) combined for 5.99 in 1995-96.


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