Angels’ Hamilton talks family treatment

    Josh Hamilton’s return to Rangers Ballpark didn’t go so well on the field or in the stands for his family.

                While Hamilton said his family was fine, there was a security guard around his wife Katie and four daughters.

                “Just guys being ugly, inappropriate to my wife,” Hamilton said. “People being dumbasses.”

                The Angels requested a security guard be posted around the family. Hamilton tried to put a positive spin on his family’s treatment.

“It was a great lesson for my kids to understand how people can be,” he said. “It was wonderful lesson. They understand. They get it. They understand they put their trust in faith in God, not man, period.”

                Hamilton’s family wasn’t the only one hearing from fans. He said some fans also crossed the line with him, chanting crackhead and Sherlocks, in reference to his bar he drank at last January.

                “Anytime people bring up people’s mistakes and throws it in their face, that always crosses the line,” he said. “Even at my most high time if I went to a game or something, I never had that in me to do that to somebody. It always makes you wonder and think ‘What are people thinking?'”