‘Bama fan brags about sabotaging Texas A&M’s Kyle Field renovations

Kyle Field construction worker brags about sabotaging renovations on Texas A&M's home stadium prior to being fired for displaying an Alabama flag on the campus.

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Texas A&M is entering only its third year in the SEC, but that doesn’t mean they are removed from the heat of its new conference rivals’ fans.

An Alabama fan, Bobby Livingston, working as a part of the construction team doing renovations on Texas A&M’s Kyle Field was fired earlier this week for hanging a Crimson Tide flag outside the stadium. The flag, however, was the least of his "pranks" that his now-former employer had issues with after several social media posts landed him in more hot water.

The first worrisome post written on Feb. 28 stated:

"This stadium will never be ready for this season. I’m putting iron in backwards and wrong holing everything!!!"

Later, Livingston took to social media to brag about his ‘questionable’ welding on the northeast end zone of the updated Kyle Field:

"if you ever attend a Texas A&M football game, don’t sit at the Northeast End Zone. It was raining today and I made 2 very ‘questionable’ welds!!"

The comments were found to be just a bad joke after the engineering company in charge of inspecting the construction at Kyle Field, Raba Kistner Engineering, said everything was fine with the renovations.

"All steel fabrication has been observed and critical welds tested/verified at the plants by the third party firm, Raba Kistner Engineering," said Paul Hawryluk of Raba Kistner, according to KBTX in College Station. "Once delivered to the site, field welds, moment connections, and bolt torquing are tested/verified in accordance to building code and engineering specifications by the third party inspectors. Structural engineers of record review the inspection reports as well as conduct site observation/review of the place steel."

While bragging about doing purposeful shoddy construction on a venue thousands of fans will pack weekly is no joking matter, this Alabama fan thankfully had the decency to not actually put any lives in danger. However, he isn’t exactly shying away from the situation as he changed his Facebook profile picture on July 15 to the photo of the Alabama flag flying at Kyle Field.

The Aggies are set to face Alabama for the third time as SEC rivals on Oct. 18, however the game is set to be played away from Kyle Field in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Texas A&M won the first meeting in 2012 with the Crimson Tide winning the second in 2013.

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