Aggies new stadium will make you wet yourself?

Texas A&M is renovating Kyle Field, that much we already know.

“The House That Johnny Football Built” is going to expand to 102,500 seats, making it the largest stadium in the SEC and the third largest in the country, only behind Michigan and Penn State.

At a total cost of $450 million, not much else has been said as to what we can expect to be added to Kyle Field.

But one thing is for sure, it promises to be an intense atmosphere, one that will strike fear into the hearts of SEC opponents.

Maybe too much fear, at least according to one prominent Aggie supporter.

“Our goal is, when an opposing team walks out on this field it is going to be so loud, it is going to be so intense, that literally someone is going to wet their pants,” Sam Torn, one of the chairs of the redevelopment committee for the stadium, told on Wednesday.

Literally … literally wet their pants.

Sure, “The Home of the 12th Man” is already one of the most intimidating places in all of college football to play, and we are sure it is only going to get more insane with the added capacity, but let’s hope Torn did not literally mean the use of “literally” in his statement.

Because, if he did, they might want to think about adding a few more bathrooms with the extra seats.