Could Adrian Peterson be headed to Dallas?

Now that Adrian Peterson has agreed to a plea deal in his child-abuse case, the running back could return to the field if Commissioner Roger Goodell and the NFL decide to reinstate him.

But, that doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll wind up back with the Vikings.

NFL insider Peter King actually thinks Peterson’s next stop could be with the Cowboys.

"It just makes sense to me," he told Dallas radio station The Ticket. "If I had to go put money in Vegas on where Adrian Peterson would play, I’m not sure I would put it on Dallas. But sometimes you just get a feeling about things, about where you think something is headed."

"I just think Adrian Peterson, before he retires, is gonna be a Cowboy," King continued. "I just do. I’ve always thought it, and long before Jerry had that silly flirtation with him last year. He’s a Texas guy. It strikes me as something Jerry would want to do. I have no inside information whatsoever. But if you ask me my gut feeling, if Adrian Peterson is out there on the street and the Cowboys have some cap room, I think the Cowboys will be interested in him."

Peterson ending up in Dallas could make sense. Jerry Jones loves a good redemption story. Josh Brent was allowed to return to the team and received a one-year contract extension this year following his sentencing for his role in a drunken-driving crash that killed teammate Jerry Brown in 2012. He took a shot on Terrell Owens (It didn’t work out, but he tried). Plus, he has yet to give up on Jason Garrett and Tony Romo, even as so many in Cowboy Nation were ready to cut ties before the start of this season.

But there is probably one snag in bringing Peterson to Dallas: DeMarco Murray. The current Cowboy running back is having a heck of a season, and he’s younger than Peterson.

King had some thoughts on this subject as well.

"And everybody will say, ‘Wait a second. That’s crazy. DeMarco Murray. They have to sign him.’ There’s no question about it. But I don’t think the Cowboys are going to pay DeMarco Murray anywhere near what he wants to be paid. I think they’ll end up reaching some agreement with him when push comes to shove. You’re silly to pay running backs half of quarterback money in my opinion."

Of course, all this is speculation at this point, but the question remains, if Jerry Jones and the Cowboys organization did decide to bring Peterson to Dallas, would the fans welcome him?

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