Adams being treated for TOS symptoms

ARLINGTON, Texas – Texas set-up man Mike Adams said that he was diagnosed with Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, putting his playoff future in question.

Adams is still hoping to be able to pitch in the postseason but will not travel with the Rangers to Oakland initially and will see more specialists.

“Not good at all,” said Adams, who found out about the diagnosis Saturday. “We don’t know the severity of it. We can do some things to raise the pressure on whatever’s going on in there. We can make this good enough where I can hopefully pitch and pitch effectively here in the next couple of weeks. It explains a lot.”

TOS is caused by a rib putting pressure on a nerve and leading to numbness and tingling in hand and arm. The normal process to fix it requires surgery and the removing of a rib. The Rangers have had a history of players diagnosed with TOS including Hank Blalock, Matt Harrison, John Rheinecker and Jarrod Saltalamacchia.

Adams believes he was experiencing mild symptoms of TOS throughout the year.

“I would have somewhat of a numbness feeling, kind of dead arm,” said Adams. “Speaking with Harry (Harrison) he told me when he had his, before he had the surgery, he was having trouble with the feel, with the location, and staying and being able to repeat his mechanics. That’s the kind of stuff I’ve struggled with all year.”

Texas general manager Jon Daniels said the club will treat Adams for the cervical strain he was diagnosed with last week and TOS symptoms.

“This time of year we’re not going to get too far ahead of ourselves with this,” Daniels said. “It is possible that he pitches again but we don’t have a timetable for that. It would probably be premature to try and put one on it. A lot of it’s based on how he’s feeling more than anything else.”

Adams hasn’t worked a perfect inning since Aug. 27 and had a 7.56 ERA in nine September appearances. He allowed three homers in Thursday’s game against Oakland after allowing just one all season.

He was shut down for a week earlier this month with a tight muscle in his shoulder. After his Thursday struggles, he was diagnosed with the mild cervical strain.

Adams will be a free agent after this season and knows that surgery is likely in his future.

“There are ways you can kind of get around it without having the surgery,” Adams said. “From the little bit of research I’ve had it’s inevitable the surgery will have to be done. We’ve got to see some more specialists and see what’s the best route.”

Texas manager Ron Washington said the club has to focus on the relievers they do have. He said that Koji Uehara and Alexi Ogando would likely get the majority of the eighth-inning opportunities.