Tyler Flowers points to ‘good strides’ for Braves in 2018 season

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Tyler Flowers points to 'good strides' for Braves in season

- Flo, what would you say this season, if you are able to reflect on at this point, has meant to you and the organization to take such a big step like you guys did?

- Yeah, I mean, I think, you know, it's hard to look at it all right now, right after that. But I think it was a lot of good strides for individuals, and team, and the organization as a whole. A lot of new faces up and down at this level, they got a chance to show what they can contribute. And a lot of young guys that were on the play-off roster that contributed and did a really nice job for us. So I think there's a ton of positives to take away from the whole season, you know, and even from this series.

- Can you compare what it was like being a part of this group of guys in this clubhouse, maybe compared to other teams and just the relationships that you guys had, how close you were?

- This is definitely a close knit group, you know, that's how you show up on days like today and you feel like you're going to get on a plane after. You know, you believe it, you almost know it, and, you know, packing your bags, bringing them in, knowing that you're going to get on a plane later on. I mean, it's hard for teams to say that and genuinely feel that way.

You know, in the situation that we were in, against the team we were up against. But that's how everyone felt, and we gave ourselves a chance there, ultimately, they took advantage of one more mistake. And you know, that's how it goes. I think everyone, you know, up and down did a great job. I remember we surprised a lot of people just with where we ended up. And I think we're capable of more here pretty soon.

- What did you think about Julio taking on, coming into that situation?

- Man, he really looked good. He really did, I mean, his slider was biting, fastball had like a little skip to it, a little ride. You know, the one curve ball kind of hung in there, but that happens. You know, it's a little different coming out of the pen and everything, but I think he did a really nice job. That's what I was talking to a couple of the front office guys about, that he really looked good right there. You know, in his last outing he looked really sharp too.

REPORTER: How far do you think this team is from being a really front line contender?

- Come on, man. I don't now.

REPORTER 1: Do you feel a lot better about it then you did--

- I mean, I think we had a chance today. We had a chance in the second game, not really in the first game. It was pretty sharp, but, you know, against Kershaw, obviously what we did yesterday and today, again we had opportunities. I mean, so you know, we're talking, you know, one pitch, one big hit away from going to game five. So I think we're there, I think it just didn't go our way.

- What do you say about Julio being able to handle the role the way he did?

- Who's that?

- Julio being able to not pitch all those days and then come in the way he did.

- I think it was expected, you know, I think he's the kind of guy that knows what he needs to do to get his body ready, to keep it ready. You know, I think when he was struggling a little bit earlier, it was more within himself. And I think he's a kind of guy that's been there enough and had success enough to know what he needs to do. And that carries over to being prepared with however many days off he had from action to kind of expect him to have some things ironed out and be able to contribute.

REPORTER 2: What does Snitker mean to you guys, collectively this group, this clubhouse?

- He's a good man for sure. You know, he can remember how difficult it was to play this game. You know, a lot of times people quickly forget, you watch it on TV, it's pretty easy to hit, and throw, and catch, and make plays. But it's a whole different animal when you're on the field and that's something he hasn't forgotten. And, you know, he kind of reflects that throughout all of us I think. You know, he's not someone who's going to jump your rear if you strike out in a situation. You know, you blew a ball, those things happen throughout the game, you know. Understanding why they happened and trying to correct it and do better, that's the important thing and that's typically what he's emphasizing.

- You would, obviously, like to see him back next year, that seems like--

- Absolutely.

- --the consensus in here.

- Yeah. I'd be shocked if he's not, I definitely think he didn't do anything that led to us losing in this series. You know, I think if anything, he put us in a better position to get to this series and have a chance for success in this.