Braves’ Game 1 starter Mike Foltynewicz: ‘This season has been such a blur’

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Braves Game 1 starter Mike Foltynewicz reflects on the 2018 season, NLDS run

- All right, Mike Foltynewicz, we are here. We're in Los Angeles at Dodger Stadium. And when you reflect back on your season, I mean, it truly has been a season of firsts for you. You had your first complete game, you made your first all-star team, you made your first postseason, you had your first child. Just reflect on everything that you have gone through and accomplished this year.

- I haven't really had much time to reflect on it, to be honest with you. I mean, this season has been such a blur. Especially when Jack came, I mean spring training flew by. You know, all of a sudden you know, you're first in the NL after a month of playing in the season. You're like, holy cow, this is pretty great, pretty cool. But just to sit on it now, we you had a couple of days off, you know, just all the successes, not only what I have had but the team has had this year.

And I think that's what it really takes is a group, you know, to come through. If wasn't one guy this year, it was another. I mean, if it wasn't [INAUDIBLE], it was Camargo. If it wasn't, you know, Ozzie, it'll be some guy in the pen, you know, saving our starter's butts. But it was really a whole team camaraderie. We felt that in the beginning of spring training and just kind of rolled with it.

But it's, you know, just everything, a bunch of firsts, I mean, it's pretty cool, especially, you know, Jet not really realizing what's happening. But you know, we get to tell them that, you know, when you came, all this fun and special stuff as has been happening. And you know, it's been nothing but a blessing.

I was really-- I was going to put out an Instagram thing this morning, actually, just how blessed and thankful. I know they, you know, get to be out here in our first postseason start. You know, there's a lot of nerves. They've been trying to calm me down, you know, take my mind off things. Which is really, I'm just thankful to have them out here.

- You talk about trying to calm down. I'm sure that this is a moment that you've not only envisioned this whole year, but I mean, your entire career, your entire life, taking the mound in a postseason game. I mean, what do you think that you need to do to, just when you get on that mound, to just settle in, and be like hey, this is what I've done all year. This is still baseball.

- I'm still trying to figure that out myself. Especially when you get out there you can't really practice that. You know, I've been talking to Chuck and Marty and Snit, and you know, it's just basically what happens with your mechanics. And you know, just going downhill. So it all starts on the mound. You can't, you know, be thinking about other things, be thinking about, you know, who's up or them, or anything of that nature. It's all just, you know, when you have the ball what can you control and what can you do with it.

I mean, I was nervous for all 30 of my starts this season, and you see how that kind of worked out a little bit. So it's just a little bigger crowd, bigger stadium, and other than that, just after pitch one, I think everything will be all right from there.

How much fun are you having right now? I mean, how much are you enjoying this ride this year?

- I told Britney, you know, this whole week has been the time of my life. I couldn't have picked a better group to grind a season out with. It's just been so much fun. So we've been talking to you guys last month. I've never been a part of a winning team.

And just to start it out this year with a bang, with all the walk off hits, and just to keep doing it and just keep doing it and proving everybody wrong is something pretty special, and just success as the starting rotation we've had. I mean, we've been a tight knit group this whole year, so to see everybody succeed the way they have been this year is pretty special. But as of right now this is pretty much the time of my life.

- You guys have been proving people wrong all year. We've enjoyed watching it. Thank you so much for your time, Mike. Again, we're going to have all of our digital coverage all week from here in L.A. That will be on our Twitter @foxsportsbraves and we will have the Braves live post game show on Fox Sports Southeast after every game in the NLDS.