Trae Young praises Hawks’ energy as first NBA training camp starts

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Rookie guard Trae Young reacts to first day of 2018 Hawks training camp.

REPORTER: --your thoughts? You guys have been together for a while. With the first day of training camp, what'd you think about the energy you guys had out there today? Coach said he was big on that.

- Yeah. I mean, the energy was great today. You could definitely feel that it's training camp. Just the energy level just went to another standard, another bar. And, you know, it was a great day today.

REPORTER: How helpful is it that you guys have been here all summer, kind of working out? So does it even feel like the first day of training camp or is it just like another day of good practice?

- I mean, it's, to be honest, for me, it just feels like another day, I mean, good practice. But, like Coach said, the energy level went up. The bar went to another level.

And, really, that's the only difference. I mean, we're doing the same drills, doing a bunch of the same things. But, just, the energy was at a, I mean, another level today.

REPORTER: Talking about the team building exercises before the season. How much do you think that helps when you guys get started for training camp when you have some familiarity with one another before you start playing?

- Well, I think that's, I mean, a big key, I mean, to the best teams, here, in the league. I mean, when you have great chemistry off the court, it translates. And you can see, I mean, how it plays on the court. So I think with us doing so many things off the court-- building that chemistry-- is only gonna help us on the court.