Braves LIVE To Go: Braves rest starters, win regular-season home finale

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Braves LIVE recaps Atlanta's 2-1 win over Philadelphia.

KELSEY WINGERT: Welcome in to Braves LIVE To Go, your final Sunday afternoon from SunTrust Park. The Braves take it 2 to 1. They complete the four-game sweep over the Phillies and move up to 20 games over .500. Welcome in to our Braves LIVE set here in the Battery Atlanta. I'm Kelsey Wingert alongside Nick Green. So crazy to believe that this was the last home game of the regular season. The next time we'll see you guys back here at home is for the NLDS. And the Braves cap it off with a sweep over who was chasing them in the NL East.

- What a great way to end the fir-- the last home stand of the season. The Braves played a good baseball game today. Anibal Sánchez looked great. He only went five innings, 57 pitches. That's all they needed him to do. Max Fried had a couple nice innings, as well. But the story of the day, Lane Adams, 2 for 3 with a home run, a double, and two RBIs.

- You teed me up perfectly for that. Let's hear from Lane Adams after the game on Sunday.

- I felt great. You know, you see the fun that starters have every day, day in, day out. And I was kind of-- when I saw my name in the lineup, I just wanted to go out and have fun, and enjoy it, and take it in. Because this is a special group, and special crowd, special time in this organization, and just to be able to go out there and play a full nine and get the win was-- was a lot of fun.

REPORTER: When you enter a week like this, do you-- is it in the back of your mind that, hey, I do need to continue to show that I can do some stuff to get on a post-season roster?

- I mean, yeah, you're always trying to-- you know, every day trying to prove yourself that you can play at this level. And, yeah, you-- you go out there and do what you can when the team win and when the team needs you, whether it's pinch running or, you know, one start to get an [INAUDIBLE] or somebody, that you just go out there and do what you can. You're always trying to prove yourself.

KELSEY WINGERT: A big game for Lane Adams. And let's take a look at the next Braves telecast. Atlanta has a much needed off day on Monday. They return to action on Tuesday at Citi Field and Game 1 versus the Mets. Touki Toussaint getting the start. Our coverage starting at 6:30 on Tuesday. Once again, your final from your NL East champs, 2 to 1. They complete the four-game sweep over the Phillies.