Braves manager Brian Snitker gets emotional after clinching NL East title

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Braves manager Brian Snitker reflects on his journey to the NL East title.

- All right I know you've been waiting for this moment, I mean, for how many years? Just take me through the emotions when that final out is recorded, and you realize that you guys are the NL East Champs.

- It's surreal. I mean, you think about it, you wonder. I mean, I was here for the '13 and '10 and the a third base coach. And now when I got the managing gig, it was like, I wonder what it would be like. I didn't even come close to how good it really feels, how proud I am of that group of guys in there.

I mean, that's the biggest thing. It's about them. Man, it's been such a fun ride with those guys. It's such a great mix of players. I said they have "it".

I don't know what "it" is. In my whole career, every now and then, I've had teams and I said, you know what? They've got it. When those teams got "it," you don't want it to ever end.


- I don't know how to manufacture it. It's a special group that blends together, and these guys have. I mean, they've got each other's back.

They fight for each other. They enjoy being around it. And then I call them too-- they're like a bunch of-- they're a bunch of baseball rats. They like playing baseball.

- The second the game ended, your whole family came down on the field. You had your wife. You had your kids. You had Luke and Jude. What was that moment like for you to give them a big hug, after everything they've been through with you?

- Unbelievably special. Like I say, Ronnie's been by me the whole time, and it hasn't been easy. I mean, she's been a single parent for probably-- I don't know. We've been married 30-something years, and probably half of them we've been together.

Because I'd leave in February and come home in September. She'd have the kids. And if it wasn't for her, I wouldn't be able to do this. An she's an unbelievable partner, mom, everything, and allowed me to do this. And I love her to death, and I'm just so blessed to have her.

- I know you probably went through this moment numerous times in your head when you stepped foot into that clubhouse. You'd come out, you'd see all the tarp out, and it's your turn to say something to your team. Was that moment even better than you could have ever imagined it?

- Yeah. And I'm not real good at doing that. I choke up and can't really-- I think I get my point across by not saying anything, maybe. It's hard, because it is. It's--

And I do get emotional. I'm not ashamed of it, because I'm-- like I say, I'm so proud of those guys. And I couldn't be happier for the guys in that room. Everything they went through. What they go through for the last 6 and 1/2 months, for whatever we've been doing this, since February.

I mean, this is just such an awesome, awesome day. An awesome feeling. And I'm just so glad we could do it here at home.

- You're saying you're so happy for those guys, and they are thrilled for you. Almost every single guy we talked to, they spoke about how much they are happy that they could do this for you. With the years you've spent in this organization, the love you have for the Braves, when you see that '18-- 2018 NL East Champs get hoisted, knowing the role that you played in it, what is that going to mean to you?

- It's going to mean a lot. Like I say, I'm a Brave, and I'm very proud to be. I'm blessed. It means a lot to me, because a lot of hard work goes into that. And I'm very proud of the fact that I'll have part of that banner up there.

- Well, you deserve every single part of this tonight. We've had such a blast covering your team, watching you guys this season. Congratulations.

- Thank you so much.