Braves LIVE To GO: Ronald Acuña Jr.s’ homer streak ends as Braves fall to Rockies

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Ronald Acuña Jr.s' streak ends as Braves fall to Rockies

REBECCA KAPLE: The Braves five-game win streak ends at that. Colorado rallies back to win game one on Thursday night. 5-3 is your final. Welcome into our FOX Sports set in the Battery, Atlanta. Rebecca Caple and Nick Green, with you.

The Braves were really on cruise control, here, entering the ninth inning. But Colorado, they're a very good team. They take advantage of any sort of mistakes. And that's exactly what happened in the top of the ninth inning.

- Five-game winning streak for the Braves. They tried to go for six today. They didn't have it. Julio Teheran was actually outstanding. He threw the ball great.

Back-to-back good starts for Julio. That was nice to see. The bottom third of the order was outstanding today-- three RBIs, three runs scored. But the top of the ninth, Dansby Swanson erred, on Trevor Story's ground ball, to lead that off. They could not overcome the error.

- That was a tough one for the Braves. All right, let's get you inside the clubhouse. Here's what Manager, Brian Snitker had to say after the game.

- Just really pleased with, you know, his pitching performance. And you got it going. And, you know, he's a guy, now, we can't, you know, seem to get him a three-or-four-run lead.

And let him, you know, just-- But he a great job, you know. We got through the ninth.

REPORTER: Did you think Dan, maybe, misjudged that? He thought he had to backhand it, or?

- Yeah, I don't know. I mean, it's hit pretty hard. And he's, you know, he's really good at that backhand, you know. I mean, he's made a lot of those plays, you know, throughout the year. And just popped out.

REBECCA KAPLE: Game two of four between the Braves and Rockies is Friday night. Sean Newcomb and Kyle Freeland are your probable starting pitchers. And we got you covered, beginning at 7:00, with Braves Live, or use the free app, FOX Sports GO. Braves fall to Colorado, in game one, on Thursday, 5 to 3.