Braves LIVE To GO: Benches clear after Acuña hit by pitch; Braves sweep Marlins

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Benches clear after Acuña hit by pitch; Braves sweep Marlins

[LOGO WHOOSHING] JEROME JURENOVICH: Wednesday night the Braves wrapped up their four-game series with the Marlins with a sweep of Miami. 5-2 the final. Dansby Swanson a 2-run home run turned out to be the game winner, his tenth of the season. Kevin Gausman, his second win in a row as a member of the Atlanta Braves.

Hello again, everyone. Jerome Jurenovich along with Brian Jordan. But the big story in the game, on the very first pitch by Jose Urena right into Ronald Acuna Jr. He had to leave the game with an arm injury. We have no idea how long he will be out of action. And it was bush league at best, B.J.

- It was. Not the way you want the game to start, especially with Acuna with a home-run streak as a leadoff hitter. I mean, what can you say? I mean, it was bad baseball.

I'm old school. I'm angry. I'm mad as a teammate and watching Acuna. After you listen to Brian Snitker get tossed out and Freddie Freeman, you know what? I hope he gets suspended for a long time. That's all I can say.

I just appreciate the way the Braves bounced back after being down 2 to 0 to walk away with a clean sweep, four-game sweep by the Marlins, a team that they're supposed to beat. And being two games up in first place, you got to like it. You got to like it.

- The frustrations were overflowing throughout the game and after the win as well. Here is their leader, Freddie Freeman.


- It was gutless. I know that wasn't the Marlins. And that was Jose Urena. I don't understand it, makes no sense. Just because a player is having fun playing a game, swinging the bat incredibly well, obviously, that it just makes no sense. That was completely classless on Jose Urena's part.

REPORTER: How about the way your team responded? It was like a pack of wolves in the middle of the field?

- Yeah, I mean that's just-- That's just who we are. And then, obviously, with Dansby's little home run celebration just little things. We got everybody's back. Ronald's a big part of this team. And what Jose did tonight was not acceptable.

JEROME JURENOVICH: Well, they'll begin a four-game series with the Rockies on Thursday. Jon Gray, Julio Teheran will open that one up. 7:00 for Braves Live, streaming live as always on the free app Fox Sports GO. The final, once again, on Wednesday Braves over the Marlins 5 to 2.