Braves LIVE To Go: Bats, Sean Newcomb power Braves to rout of Padres

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Bats, Newcomb power Braves to rout of Padres

JEROME JURENOVICH: Tuesday night the Braves were just too much for the Padres 14-1. They just walloped them-- no question about it. But Braves often broke out in a huge way. Shaun Newcomb was sensational on the mound, yet again-- six shutout innings. But when you score 14, Nick Green, you kind of want to focus on the offense a little more.

- You do. I love with Sean Newcomb did. He's been outstanding in May. Started off June off the right foot, but the offense-- 18 hits today. They were absolutely outstanding-- two five run innings, five guys multi-hit games, five guys multi-RBI games.

- Yeah. Four of those hits came off the bat Freddie Freeman, who's with Kelsey.

- 14-1, a big win for the Braves in game two. A big part of that was Freddie Freeman tonight. And Freddie, you've accomplished a lot in your career. But nights where you go four for four at the plate-- how much does that mean to you?

- You know, it's a nice night. Obviously with yesterday's game and the outcome, we wanted to come out here and get the win. And you know, we did that. I think the teams-- we just switched off tonight. So hopefully tomorrow is maybe a bit of a pitching dual.

KELSEY WINGERT: I mean, you guys move up to 36 and 25 on the season. You take losing personally this season. You guys lost last night. How important was it, like you said, for you guys to come in and rebound the way, the dominant fashion you guys did?

- That's the name of the game. If you lose the first one, you still got a chance to win the series if you win next two. We came out here and played a really good baseball game. Every time Nuwc takes the mound, you feel like a good chance to win-- the way he's been pitching. So we got him some runs early and he settled down. And Luke gave us three good things and saved the bullpen, too.

JEROME JURENOVICH: Right back at to trying to win this series. A little bit later today-- 3:00 in the afternoon for Braves live to get you ready for all the action on Wednesday. The Final, once again late on Tuesday night-- 14-1, Braves over San Diego.