LSU’s Les Miles rappels 24-story building for charity

A coach has truly reached cult status in the world of college football when his program sends out a tweet stating he can be found rappelling off the sides of tall buildings, and the response is, “Just another Thursday in Baton Rouge.” 

That’s pretty much the realm Les Miles, LSU’s outlandish quote (or misquote) machine, finds himself in. 

There’s very little shock value to his actions anymore. 

So when Miles, 59, chose to suspend himself from a 24-story building in the name of charity – the “Over the Edge for Adoption” campaign – on Thursday, there was little media hubbub other than a rush to grab photos/videos. Here is one result:

At the very least, his headline-grabbing behavior is supporting a good cause. 

The site of the event was One American Place in Baton Rouge. 

As of 1 p.m. CT, the rappelling efforts of Miles and others supporting the charity organization raised nearly $65,000. 

Now, if only the organization could figure out a way to benefit from Miles’ dancing skills.