Georgia WR Chris Conley releases self-directed Star Wars fan film

Georgia senior wide receiver Chris Conley stars in his self-written and self-directed Star Wars fan film, "Retribution."

Multi-talented Georgia wide receiver Chris Conley’s offseason work is complete — and now it’s back to football.

Conley, a 6-foot-3 rising senior and starting wideout for the Bulldogs, spent much of his offseason on his Twitter-fueled project "Retribution," a 25-minute Star Wars fan film that features fellow Georgia football players and students, his head coach Mark Richt, stormtroopers and lightsaber duels across the Athens, Ga., campus — including the team’s iconic Sanford Stadium.

Conley himself stars in the film as Khari Vion, the film’s antagonist who wears a Bane-like mask. Mascot Hairy Dog also makes an appearance as a rebel leader.

What began as Conley taking to social media to gather those interested in filming lightsaber duels around campus turned into a full-fledged short movie thanks in part to Georgia football’s videographer, Frank Martin.

Along with Spirit World Productions and Infinite Productions and video effects editor Grayson Holt, Conley was able to make the Star Wars world come to life at Georgia. His lightsaber battle on the Sanford Stadium field starts off the movie with a bang. A stormtooper battle outside the school’s Tate Student Center, complete with star running back Todd Gurley appearing as an invincible, Superman-esque force and Richt obliviously watching game film while listening to classical music as lasers fly around him, is another high point of the film. Overall, it’s an incredibly impressive work.

The group posted the movie to YouTube on Saturday:

Conley also serves as the fan film’s stunt coordinator and fight choreographer.

Conley, who has shown up to non-football sporting events dressed as a Jedi in years past, has gone on record many times about his affinity for the Star Wars franchise.

"My brother and I got into the games and into the some of the Star Wars history outside of the movies and I’ve just been a fan of it ever since," Conley told Athens Banner-Herald reporter Rachel Bowers during the film’s pre-production back in January. "I’ve been a big guy who prides myself on remaining who I am regardless of who I’m around or how old I get. It’s something that I like and regardless of what people tell me, if it’s frowned upon or not. It’s me."