Chopcast: Gattis filling starter’s role nicely

ATLANTA — At times, the Evan Gattis story reads like a Hollywood script.

Wednesday night, with the Braves taking on the lowly Marlins in Miami, was one of those nights.


belted his third home run of the season against the Marlins — the rest

of the league is starting to take notice, too. His story is becoming

famous. His roller-coaster ride of odd jobs en route to the majors is

becoming a media favorite. Even his Twitter photo — a picture of his ID

badge while working as a janitor — is buzzing in the social mediasphere.


the Braves (8-1), despite their hot start, have some decisions to make

in the next few weeks, most of them centered around what to do with

their power-hitting 26-year-old rookie. Keep him? Trade him? Let him

start or sit behind a recovered Brian McCann? Carry three catchers? The

Chopcast team — Zach Dillard, Cory McCartney and Jay Clemons — weighs in

on El Oso Blanco’s future with the team and more. Here are the


— Gattis has shown consistency in his minor league

and spring training statistics, carrying them into his eye-opening

introduction to big league pitchers. What are the expectations for him

moving forward? Are they attainable?

— Following the series

finale with the Marlins, manager Fredi Gonzalez floated the idea of

playing Gattis at first base against the Nationals. That idea was met

with laughter and some scoffs. But is it possible? Can Gattis handle the

position? Can the Braves afford to keep him out of the lineup — veteran

Gerald Laird is paired to catch rookie Julio Teheran in McCann’s absence — with the cleanup spot empty?

— What was the oddest job the Chopcast team members have worked?

The pitching staff is obliterating opposing lineups at the moment. Any

compliments or concerns worth airing three series into the season?

— If a one-game playoff started next week, which Braves starter would get the call?

Given Braves reliever Jordan Walden’s interest in professional

wrestling, how in-depth could the Chopcast get with its knowledge of Ric

Flair and the like?

— Expectations for the high-interest series against the Nationals this weekend.