RB Leipzig vs. SC Freiburg | 2016-17 Bundesliga Highlights

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IAN: Leipzig did come back in the game to win their first game of their season, thanks to four goals in the second half of the Red Bull Arena. Let's check out the highlights from a very entertaining match up. Gentlemen, this was a game that did not disappoint. And it started off with the opening goal going to the away side.

- A terrific goal it was. Totally against the run of play. A great little dummy, Niederlechner. Great finish. A good start for Freiburg.

IAN: And there you have it. Florian Niederlechner. He scored four goals in his last five games versus Leipzig. But Eric, you mentioned it.

ERIC: We knew that said pieces were going to be a danger. Forwards were so good. Usually it's Willi Orban. But and trust me. He was right behind Timo Werner to get on it if the cross was too high. But this was a flurry. They really just came out of that-- that halftime talk, and they wanted to play. And they wanted to put their stamp on this game. Willi Orban the captain gets the goal. [INAUDIBLE] see that. You get the tap in, but it just got worse. And they really are a terrific team when they get flying and also [INAUDIBLE].

- Timo Werner, in the hunt for a second goal, got it.

- And Augustine, again, he had a lively game. And Bernard, this is a terrific finish. Gets a second.

- That is eight goals in his last seven games against Freiburg. And then this substitution took place. Augustine, who was excellent went off. Bruma, the new signing from Galatasaray came on. Didn't take too long for him to impress us.

- [INAUDIBLE], say you go here, you go there. I'm just going to just make the most of my first touch, which I'm going to put the top corner. How about that.

- Ooh! What an incredible strike.

- --some of that.

- Perfect.

- First goal at home, in front of his own supporters for the 22-year-old just recently signed from Galatasaray. And I don't think he will hit a better ball than that all season long.

- No, and he also showed those boys in Hamburg how you celebrate.

- Wow, what a strike. And a convincing performance. Really was fantastic in the second half from RM Leipzig. Here's the stats to back it up.

- Look, it's 27 total shots. Enough said. Hey, they're just all over him.

They're lucky to get out. There were only four playing with 10 men in the last couple of minutes. It could have been six.

IAN: There you have it. Convincing performance. And of course, one of the main performers in this matchup was Timo Werner. Again, he impresses. He loves to score goals. But the something in particular that stands out to you.

ERIC: Well, OK, look. Everyone is waiting to see who that next number nine for Germany is going to be. When this kid starts scoring goals with his head, that is going to be the difference. We all know about how fast he is. And we know that he can get behind defenses.

But if he starts getting on the end of headers and is an aerial threat, there is your number 9, Germany. That's what you were looking for. We saw it in Miroslav Klose who was more of all in the air.

We couldn't figure out if he could do it on the ground. And he had to change his game. But this kid's the full package. If he starts scoring goals, not just the speed goals, but up with his head, that's your number 9 for Germany.

- And the young players that Leipzig has brought in Augustine. Augustine's has been fantastic. What a debut he had. Great first touch. Created so many chances.

He created a couple of goals, but he's always dangerous. I mean, he's always looking to run in behind. Great touch, great technique.

The only thing he didn't do is score. He did everything else. What a fantastic debut.

- The fact that Leipzig managed to keep a hold of their top stars was impressive, but you are on top with this the signings that they brought into the club. It's even better.

- I mean, you have him coming in. And Poulsen now is going to have a really tough time.

- But here's why they won the game today, I mean, it really is. Just they were swarming. And look, keep in mind, this is-- some of this play is when they're already ahead. So they're ruthless. They are not going to take the foot off the gas.

And they're going to-- once they've got you in a corner-- and we always talk about getting somebody up against the ropes. When you get somebody up against the ropes, some people just back off and take a look. Other people just smash your head in. That's what these guys do. They don't care.

This is right after-- I love what he-- what he is doing with his team. Because getting up 2-1, some teams, they say OK, let's just calm down. Let's finish the game off. That's not the way they play. They [INAUDIBLE].

JOVAN: It's the movement, the energy, the youthfulness, the young kids, they have energy. I mean, they're going to be dangerous again this year.

IAN: How much credit does Ralph Hassenhuttl and Ralph [INAUDIBLE] deserve for what we're witnessing right now for RB Leipzig? What's going on?

JOVAN: Everything. Their model is showing now the energy, the young kids they're bringing in-- keeping him there is going to be the problem. That's the only thing. But they're fantastic. Great to watch.

IAN: Can he challenge Bund?

ERIC: We're going to have to wait and see. They have a loss in the books already.

JOVAN: Close second. Second or third, it will be.

IAN: To perform anyway like they did in the second half, they have a chance.

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