Julie Ertz talks with Alex Curry after big win versus Mexico

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United States midfielder Julie Ertz talks with Alex Curry after USA's big win versus Mexico.

- Julie, you couldn't have asked for a better start to this tournament. What did this group do well here tonight?

- Yeah, I think we really capitalized on our set pieces. So we're really happy about that. I think we were a little impatient in the first half. We talked about going out strong. So I think we're a little impatient at times.

But going out in the second half, we really kind of wanted to dictated the game. And I think we did that, and we had amazing game changers come in and really change the tempo of the game.

ALEX CURRY: I mean, you guys, like you said, really turned things around there in the second half. Is there anything this group can do better looking ahead to Sunday?

- Yeah, I think, kind of before maybe pace it kind of a little bit, maybe in the final third. But I think, I'm just so proud of these girls. And I think we're going to have to go back watch, the film of the next opponent, and just kind of take it game by game.

- Thanks for joining us. Thank you.