90 in 90: United States vs. Mexico | 2018 CONCACAF Women’s Championship

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Watch 90 minutes of United States vs. Mexico in 90 seconds.

ANNOUNCER 1: Lopsided in the USA's favor. Only the one loss. That was back in 2010 in Cancun. But if you're the USA, Allie? You don't look at those numbers, those stats.

ANNOUNCER 2: No, it's irrelevant. What matters is tonight and the performance they can put forth. And I don't think it matters for Mexico either. I think this is a different squad than we've seen before.

ANNOUNCER 1: So far, all possession for the USA. Lavelle's pass is behind her, Rapinoe [INAUDIBLE]. Sent forward, Morgan looking for it. On what looks like a broken play. Rapinoe scores! The US leads!

ANNOUNCER 2: And it's been all US from here on out. It's the play between the lines with Rose Lavelle that opens this up and Megan Rapinoe filtering inside gives that overload essentially the little quick combination. And then she's there for the follow up.

ANNOUNCER 1: Puts one up, and inviting ball in! That's headed up off the crossbar. Loose. [INAUDIBLE] Goal, 2-0 US!

ANNOUNCER 2: But how about this ball by Rapinoe? Just lands delicately in behind that back line where everyone drops and shifts. Henninger can't react, it pings off the cross.

ANNOUNCER 1: Rapinoe to strike. She had the game's first goal. Plays it in, nice run, nice goal! Morgan coming through 3-0, 91st goal.

ANNOUNCER 2: Well now the scoreline is a bit more reflective of the play in this half. Alex Morgan just loses her mark. Looks like she got picked there, gets herself wide open at the top of the six.

ANNOUNCER 1: Move to the outside. Here's Crystal. Playing it in. The header! Another goal! Tobin Heath!

ANNOUNCER 2: And then pinged that one across for Tobin Heath, who's really ghosting inside. Doesn't make the far post run hard. She just comes at that penalty spot, meets it. And what a power driven header that is.

ANNOUNCER 1: Heath. Lavelle had been taking them but she's out. Horan up. Lloyd, blocked, Rapinoe, tap in goal! 5-0 US! She has two.

ANNOUNCER 2: Horan goes up, wins the first. But then you get the numbers crashing. Lloyd sacrifices herself to win it. Bianca is off her line. And then it's a tap in for Rapinoe. As you can watch Henninger. She's got to come out and try to make a play on it.

ANNOUNCER 1: Moving forward. Dunn. Into the middle, there's Morgan. [INAUDIBLE] the way. Simon high up! Morgan! Goal number six for the US, her second.

ANNOUNCER 2: Wide open on this near-side. And then gets her head up and slots that one back. Perfectly weighted into the run, into the path of Alex Morgan, who stayed with it. Beat her defender.

ANNOUNCER 1: That is it. US with a convincing 6-0 win over Mexico. How do you wrap this one up?

ANNOUNCER 2: Strong statement for this opening match in group stage. And I think you're seeing a new level that the US has reached with their ability to tear apart an opponent. Look out the rest of the world. Look out the rest of CONCACAF.