Alex Morgan talks about USWNT and their road to France

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Alex Morgan joins John Strong and Stu Holden to discuss USWNT and their road to France.

- Alex Morgan, happy to have you in here. Thanks for giving us a few minutes.

- Yeah, thanks guys.

- We all talk about you guys winning the World Cup, but you've got to qualify for it first. What's the mentality of the group right now?

- I mean, obviously we are coming off of some big wins and terminations, beating Brazil and some other great teams. But for us, it is definitely qualifying for the World Cup before thinking too far ahead to the World Cup. So it's just taking it one game at a time. And first up we have Mexico, which is going to be a big one for us.

- There's been a lot of experimenting over the past couple years, couple new players, couple new faces. Where do you feel this group is at in terms of chemistry? And then for you, as well, personally, in probably your best goalscoring form with the US Women's National Team, what did you changed yourself?

- Yeah, I'm really happy with where we are as a team. I feel like we went through a rocky period where we were dropping some games. I think that was very just-- that wasn't common of the Women's National Team historically, obviously especially on home turf. So now just kind of picking it back up and doing well in terminations and She Believes Cup. Just this year, I feel like we're really feeling good going into qualifiers.

And for me personally, I mean, I'm just feeling confident, obviously the confidence from Jill, and from my team. And so I feel like I need to step up into that role and be looked at for those goals, you know, as a number 9.

- Taylor, the 20 players on the roster have not been through World Cup qualifying. Who excites you, though? Who has been fun for you to see emerge into this team?

- You know, I was really excited to see Tierna Davidson do well in these qualifiers. Unfortunately, she had a broken ankle, I believe. I'm not sure exactly the terms. But she won't be with us, unfortunately. But obviously you're going to see players like Mal Pugh, like Lindsey Horan, really step up into those roles. Emily Sonnett is a player that's done extremely well in NWSL, saw her in the NWSL Championship do pretty well. And obviously, we have a lot of young faces. I mean, you have Abby Dahlkemper, and you have a lot of veterans as well, who I think are going to have a good mesh between younger players and veterans to carry this team to qualifiers.

- Cal, they are shouting out a Stanford player first though, on the top of the list. That was pretty impressive. Alex, thanks for joining us.