Daniel Royer after scoring two goals against LAFC: ‘We just wanted it a little bit more’ | INTERVIEW | 2018 MLS

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New York Red Bulls winger, Daniel Royer, talks how the team won versus LAFC.

- Well Danny, coming into this one, it had the feel of the big game. Two of the top teams in the league. And it very much back and forth. Ultimately, how were you guys able to pull out the win?

- Yeah, I think it was definitely a tough game today. Everything was set up to tough game. And we know a really good team was coming to RBA. And they are really good, I have to admit. And yeah, I think just everything that we put into this game today was incredible.

The team spirit, the mentality. Our hard work paid off today, and yeah. I think just wanted it a little more.

REPORTER: And what a night for you. A brace, we get to talk about both of your goals. But specifically that first one. How were you able to stay so composed and find the back of the net from the ground?

DANIEL ROYER: On both I just tried to get on the end of the plays. Murillo played a great cross in there, and of course it's a little lucky that the ball bounces right to in front of my feet. So I just tried to tap it in. I was lucky, though.

REPORTER: Hey, appreciate the time. Congrats on the win.

DANIEL ROYER: Thank you, thank you.