New York Red Bulls vs. LAFC | 2018 MLS Highlights

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Watch highlights between New York Red Bulls and LAFC.

ANNOUNCER 1: He's getting to face Diomande and company, LAFC and all of their goals. They score a ton on the road as well. Tyler Adams will play this one long immediately. Rzatkowski couldn't get to it. LAFC can move it out. Young Adams. Royer coming through. Wright-Phillips.

Not sure how he missed, unless it was deflected. He says deflected. Alan Chapman says no, it's a goal kick. Vela taking it against Adams. Teammates at the all-star game Wednesday. Beitashour, the cross there. The header. What a chance for Diomande.

ANNOUNCER 2: Opportunity. You're going to head it? Fine. Put it on net. But I mean, you could even bring this one down.

ANNOUNCER 1: Handle that ball, other Red Bull players, too. Here's Vela. 22 yards away. Knocked down. Quick shot taken off the post. And now cleared out to safety by the Red Bulls.

ANNOUNCER 2: Waiting, too. So he gets hit here, and everybody thinks oh, there is a problem. They're going to call it. No he's not going to call it. And he stops, and oh, back against the grain. Luis Robles didn't see it until late.

ANNOUNCER 1: Tyler Adams taking it wide. Drops it back for Royer. Adams wanted back. Kaku sees the late run. It's Murillo. Tags it. Spilled in front, and then the follow up goal. From Royer, Red Bulls lead.

ANNOUNCER 2: So much about these outside backs for the Red Bull. And their defensive ability, but they also get four Murillo. Just see him waiting to the perfect time. Wonderful ball in from Kaku. And it has to be said, this is just a gift on the doorstep from Tyler Miller.

Signed, sealed, delivered. Beautiful wrapping. Thank you very much. Takes a little deflection, but that's still no excuse. You've got to hold on to this. And from the ground.

ANNOUNCER 1: That was a big rebound. Terrific finish, considering he was on the ground.

ANNOUNCER 2: Red Bulls have speed on both sides at the back. Vela cutting on Adams. Vela sliding it through. Rossi, tied up. 1-1. Terrific goal by Rossi on the feed from Vela.

ANNOUNCER 1: Oh, so many good things about this goal. Just threads the need, wonderful first touch and second touch. But that's great from Rossi, just following the play. Using the speed, and using his body.

ANNOUNCER 2: Over the top, flag staying down. Wright-Phillips brings it. He's in the box. Played it across, Royer has two. Red Bulls lead.

ANNOUNCER 1: Look at Laurent Ciman with his arm up. Convinced, incredulous. How could it possibly be?

ANNOUNCER 2: It can be. And then Bradley Wright-Phillips. Unselfish, head manning it.

ANNOUNCER 1: Holding, trying to find Harvey wide. Needed to be wider. Adams cutting it off. Playing it forward. Bradley Wright-Phillips. Out comes Miller to keep the game at least within reach for LAFC.

ANNOUNCER 2: Wind is going to take it. Ball played up. It comes down. Ciman heads it once. Red Bulls clear it out.


All eyes on the referee who has blown the whistle, ending this one. Red Bulls in second place in the Eastern Conference thanks to this 2 to 1 victory over LAFC.