Megan Rapinoe joins Katie Witham and Leslie Osborne after the USWNT escaped with a tie vs Australia

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Megan Rapinoe joins Katie Witham and Leslie Osborne after the USWNT escaped with a tie vs Australia

- Let's talk to her, shall we? Megan, congratulations. Katie and Leslie here with you. Listen, this was a tough game. And it was not maybe the way that you guys thought it was going to go, or wanted it to go. But you were able to get the draw. Walk away with a point, how did this one play out from your perspective?

- You know, actually performance wise, I thought we played pretty well. We had a lot of chances, exposed them quite a bit in the wide areas. We were able to switch the ball quite a bit. We had some really good chances. I had a major shank city in the first half, unreal. Never going to live that one down.

But I feel like we were getting chances. It was just kind of coming up. Obviously we want to, you know, put more away. But these are the kind of games we are going to see into qualifying and obviously into the World Cup next year. So I mean, I love these games.

I wish, obviously, that we would have won. But competitive environment, and a great stadium tonight. So it was a good match for us, and I think good in a lot of ways, good performance, and sort of good preparing us going forward.

HOST: Megan, did Australia surprise you in any way? Or is this what you expected?

- Kind of what we expected. We know they're tough. They're one of the few teams I think that can really match us physically, in terms of strength, and just kind of the style that they play. They can get up and down the field. Obviously Sam Kerr is just unbelievable. She's always a handful to deal with.

So I feel like there's not many teams that can do that. So we've got to find other ways to break them down, and you know, get around them. And play through them more so.

- Yeah.

HOST: Now when you need points, next up Brazil. What's going to be the team focus in training the next few days?

- Rest, rest, rest. That will be my focus. I'm getting too old for this. Yeah, we'll game plan Brazil. They play a little bit different style, a little bit more man marking. So our passing needs to be really crisp, and we're going to have to move the ball very, very good against them.

Otherwise, they'll be able to take advantage of us. Always Marta, keep an eye on her. She's still the goat. So got to keep an eye on her.

- Megan, thank you so much for taking the time, and for getting a result here today. Appreciate it.

- Yeah, thank you guys. Bye bye.