Jump on the Wagen: Alexi is jumping on England’s wagon

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Jump on the Wagen: Alexi is jumping on England's wagon

- All right time to Jump on the Wagen. And, yes, I am going to jump on the English wagon. England, you showed me something today. You brought it against Sweden. You were calm, you were composed.

Ultimately, over the course of 90 minutes, you were faster than Sweden. You were fitter than Sweden. You had more imagination than Sweden. You got the goals that you need, including yet another goal from a set piece. I love everything that you did today.

Pickford in goal-- you got to have a hot goalkeeper, and right now you've got a guy that is saving everything that comes at him, keeping you in games. That is going to be important going forward. And you've got a nice pathway, my friends, all the way to the promised land of a potential World Cup Final. After how many decades? Who knows, you figure it out. I am on that wagon of England right now. It is fun.