Nikolskaya Street has become Moscow’s hub for soccer fans during the FIFA World Cup™

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Maria Komandaya shows you how Nikolskaya street has become Moscow's hub for soccer fans at the 2018 FIFA World Cup™

[MUSIC PLAYING] MARIA KOMANDNAYA: The World Cup creates a unity, bringing faces from all over the planet into a single occasion. And nothing represents global harmony more than a half mile stretch of street in Moscow.


MARIA KOMANDNAYA: What usually is a quite pedestrian path has organically turned into the cohesion of these games.


MARIA KOMANDNAYA: Welcome to Nikolskaya Street.

- This is the atmosphere of the World Cup, where all the countries are together. It's the true meaning of football.

- There's such a friendly atmosphere here. This is the place to be when you want to celebrate.

- This very night, this beautiful street.

MARIA KOMANDNAYA: How many hours do you spend here every day?

- We come here at 2:00 and then just leave around 3:00 AM.

MARIA KOMANDNAYA: One Nikolskaya Street has given the world a welcoming stage. Many may not have realized the history surrounding them. The city of Moscow dates back nearly 900 years. And Nikolskaya Street, which was built in the 15th century, has a deep history of its own.

- I'm here. The big road started, the essential road that connected the ancient capital, Vladimir, and Moscow.

MARIA KOMANDNAYA: Why this street is so popular among the fans?

MARIA MINENKO: This street combines culture, heritage, and obviously, lots of fun.

MARIA KOMANDNAYA: Whether they are aware of the surroundings or not, fans young and old have brought an electric energy to Nikolskaya Street. However, the real magic arrives at night, when the street of lights truly comes alive.

- It's the best atmosphere we have seen in Russia so far.

- It's like the whole world in a street. It's amazing. It's beautiful.