Watch De Bruyne’s laser off a brilliant counterattack for Belgium

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What a goal! Sponsored by adidas.

JOHN STRONG: Neymar will drive it into the near post. Miranda trying to flick. Fellaini got his head to it.

Lukaku actually stayed high up the field. And he's able to hold that ball up and try to start the attack. He weaves around Fernandinho.

He gets it over to the far side. De Bruyne has some help. De Bruyne taking it himself!

2-0 Belgium! Kevin De Bruyne! Belgium in charge!

STU HOLDEN: A clinical counter attack from Belgium. And not the first time we have seen it in this tournament.

Just watch the power from Lukaku in midfield to open this up. And you said it, John. They kept him high in this one, and this is why he's there.

His hold-up play, but then his vision, still. So, he takes on a midfielder here. And they have been pinpointing this left-back position.

Meunier keeps Marcelo honest. He has to honor the pass.

And that opens up the gap, then, for Kevin De Bruyne to hit a laser towards the back post! For such a big guy, he is so agile in his movements. And that's Marcelo.

He started to move towards the pass, so he doesn't block the shot. And De Bruyne says thank you very much.

Side netting! 2-0! And Belgium are flying!