Jump on the Wagen: Alexi hops on the American bandwagon in honor of the 4th of July

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Alexi Lalas celebrates the 4th of July by sharing his optimism for the future of American soccer.

ROB STONE: Time now for "Jump on the Wagen," presented by Volkswagen. By the way, here in Moscow, July 4. Happy July 4, my friends.

- Happy July 4 to you, too, my friend. And happy July 4 to everybody out there. I'm jumping on the American soccer wagon. It is July 4 here. We are celebrating, not just the birth of our country, but also just celebrating the incredible American soccer community that's out there.

You are tuning in in the millions. It's wonderful. You're loving this tournament. You're loving this party. And it's not over. We got so much more for you. So jumping on the American soccer wagon.

- Good man. Good man. How about the turnouts we've been getting in MLS, as well?

- It's pretty good, my friend.

- Yeah, numbers in stadium and numbers watching has--

- We are a soccer nation.

- Well, we've been it. But now, we are reminding a lot of people right now. Happy July 4, early July 4, to all of our friends back in the States. So let's take a look at the updated bracket right now.

Our four quarterfinal matchups have been confirmed. Again, Friday, we begin 9:00 AM Eastern, Uruguay and France. Cannot wait to see Kylian Mbappe in action. And then, Neymar, Brazil, taking on Lukaku and Belgium. Saturday, we start with England-Sweden on Fox. When that one's done, Russia and Croatia.