90 in 90: France vs. Argentina | 2018 FIFA World Cup™ Highlights

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Watch 90 minutes of France vs. Argentina in 90 seconds.

ALEXI LALAS: World is tuning in to see this, whether it's the mess of Argentina or the incredible talent of France. Messi, evidently, is running the show. And win, or you go home.

JP: He's got help, too. He may not need it. Uh oh. That's got to be a penalty. It is. Griezmann ready to strike. Griezmann-- goal! France leads!

Banega into the middle. Big drive-- goal! It's tied!


Di Maria!

TONY: And it goes through players. Hugo Lloris with no chance.

JP: Blocked, settled. Messi, the shot. Messi with a goal! A moment of magic, unless it was deflected in front.

TONY: That's a helpless feeling for a goalkeeper as it finds the back of the net.

JP: Hernandez with a step ahead, played it across. It's settled, fired-- tied up!

TONY: Oh my gosh!

JP: 2-2!

TONY: Oh my! Stunning goal by Benjamin Pavard.

JP: Hernandez-- it bounces into the box, blocked. Quick shot-- goal! Mbappe!


[INAUDIBLE] on the right. And they're up by two!


TONY: What a great buildup. And what a great goal.

JP: Messi on the ball, putting one in there. Headed down! Argentina have come back!


Maybe a chance here in the box, played across. Deflected wide.


TONY: And that was their moment, JP.

JP: That was the last kick. Tony, Argentina is done.