Alexi Lalas’ power rankings ahead of the Round of 16 | 2018 FIFA World Cup™ Live

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Alexi Lalas shares his power rankings ahead of the start of the Round of 16 at the 2018 FIFA World Cup™.

- Who stands the best chance of making it all the way? I don't know. Let's ask Alexi Lalas. Your updated power rankings.

- All right, dark clouds descending here in Red Square. But no dark clouds for Belgium. They continue on in that number one spot with this nice slow burn. Croatia, big movers, going from 7 to 2 with that incredible talent, balance, and fearlessness that they displayed.

Mexico, out of my top 10 after that huge loss against Sweden. Will the real Mexico stand up? England, I'm still being a little generous, but they fall a couple of places. And Argentina still hasn't made that top 10. But when we're talking about Argentina, reason to watch today, the world is turning in to see this hot mess of a team that is Argentina. And Messi evidently is running the show, and win or go home.

So don't at me about-- no, actually at me. That's why it des-- that what it's designed to do. At me, scream and yell at me, disagree with me. But that is my top 10 there.

- Ian, it's all wrong.

- No, I think Belgium being number one, you know, when you consider the group they've come out of, two easy games and a game against England, we can't really count. England being number eight, they've kind of done the same as Belgium. But Belgium simply in there simply because of the promise that they have. France aren't in there because they may turn up. While I would probably have Argentina in there instead of Switzerland or something. But you know, it's sort of much of a muchness really.

- Kelly, give me your verdict.

- I'd agree with Alexi with Croatia. They've been the form side of the tournament so far, brushing aside Nigeria and Argentina with ease.

- Would you bump them up to number one?

- In my opinion, yes, so-- unlike Alex

- That's all right.

- But they've showed a lot of depth. When they played Iceland, they played their second-string team. And Modric and Rakitic are really coming into form. And Vida and Lovren have been excellent at the back. And I just think that they're peaking at the right time and they're playing some fantastic football.