FIFA World Cup 2018™ Fair Play Rule explained

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Fernando Fiore, Kate Abdo, Guus Hidink and Tony Meola discuss the Fifa World Cup 2018™ Fair Play Rule after Senegal was the first ever casualty

- Colombia and Japan through in the round of 16. That's after Senegal became the first team in World Cup history to be eliminated due to FIFA fair play points. Here's a look at how the points are determined. This is how it all pans out.

It's the first time it's ever happened to a team, that they go out in this way. And it has to be a really bitter way to go out of the tournament. Isn't it, Tony?

- Yeah, I don't like it, I'll be honest. I think somewhere down the road, it plays a part in this. But with all of this technology.

- Only a yellow?

- Only a yellow?

- The yellow was the key figure for this particular go home for Senegal.

- I look at this and it's not like there's a team that had 15 yellow cards and one had four. It was six and four.

- Fernando, this is your personal interpretation. So is the yellow is kind of personal interpretation.

- I don't think this is a good way to make a decision at the end of two teams that they gave everything equal.

- Well, what do we think is a good way of doing it?

- Well, we've got technology. We've got corner kicks we track. We've got possession, shots on goal, how much guys run, how much they-- we've got all of these things that they tell me OK, this team attacked a little bit more, this team did-- they went for it. And we're talking about yellow cards.

And if you have a referee, coach, that is, all of a sudden, the first five minutes, he's going to give out yellow cards just to make a statement.

- Penalties? What about penalties?

- Penalties might be one. But oftentimes, you don't get one in the World Cup, right?

- I think you do the penalties to get them together, no.

- No, what if we make them go to a penalty shootout? I like the idea of that.

- They're in a different city.

- They have to get them back.

- That's why we have you here, see?

- No, no. I mean we can do that. We can bring them all to Moscow and then having to shoot penalties. But I think that I agree with Tony that they have so many statistics now that they can be objective. Listen, you attack more, you get more corner kicks, then you are allowed.

- Attack more is also interpretation.

- Right, with the cards that's interpretation.

- If you have the corner kicks, if you have the shots on target, then you have this figures.

- But we can count those, right?

- Not due to interpretation.

- Well the thing is that I guess I have to get a red card for FIFA. No, for FIFA, I rather don't do red cards, just in case. I want to be here until the end of the tournament.

- We protect you. They don't touch you.

- No. No. Let me keep it away.