Jump on the Wagen: Alexi Lalas is jumping on Friday’s Wagen

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Alexi Lalas tells us why he's looking forward to Friday in Russia even though their are no matches being played.

ROB STONE: Time now to "Jump on the Wagen," presented by Volkswagen. Yesterday, it was one half of the bracket. Today, it is--

ALEXI LALAS: Today, it's the day-off wagen. Tomorrow, we have a day off. OK?

I want everybody to rejuvenate. I want you to hydrate. I want you to get rest and get ready for the round of 16. And we're kicking it off on Saturday.

You've convinced me tomorrow to do what? We are going to a place to get massages, and people are going to hit me with sticks? Is that what's going on? Branches and sticks?

ROB STONE: Yeah, because it sounds like a great way to spend your day off. RIght? Just get struck by wood.

ALEXI LALAS: All right. All right. If you say so, Rob.