90 in 90: Japan vs. Poland | 2018 FIFA World Cup™ Highlights

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Watch 90 minutes of Japan vs Poland in 90 seconds.

JOHN STRONG: Japan does not want to leave it to chance. A result means that they're in the knockout stage for the first time since 2010.

Muto will carry it in. Has a sight of goal and will let it rip! And it's beaten away by Fabianski!

Left-footed second corner swinging out toward the back post! And Kawashima dives. There was a foul in the box, anyway.

Kurzawa coming forward. Tackled in from behind by Usami. Now clipped into the box. Headed on in the direction of Kawashima! He kept it out!

WARREN BARTON: Look at the agility! Look at the strength! Look at the contact! Wonderful goalkeeping!

JOHN STRONG: A couple of strong challenges put in. Not for the faint of heart.

Usami headed towards the byline. Across the face of goal!

Zielinski plays it up ahead. Grosicki rolls it into the path! And off his line is Kawashima! Excellent read!

Kurzawa clips it in. There are options there, and one of those options has scored! The youngster Bednarek!

It's a goal that Japan couldn't afford to give up. And it's a reason to celebrate for Poland at the hour mark!

Grosicki has it. Lewandowski an option. Finds Lewandowski!

And [INAUDIBLE] Lewandowski makes it 2-0! Sails over. 74th minute. Huge let-off for Japan that Lewandowski misses.