Poland takes a 1-0 lead over Japan

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What a goal! Sponsored by adidas.

[NO SPEECH] JOHN STRONG: Kurzawa cliips it in. There are options there, and one of those options has scored! The youngster Bednarek!

It's a goal that Japan couldn't afford to give up! And it's a reason to celebrate for Poland at the hour mark! Bednarek has scored!

WARREN BARTON: Well, delighting for the young man. It hasn't been the greatest tournament for him or the country, but the movement was good and the ball was even better.

They don't keep with their runners. They switch off.

Sakai, he doesn't go with the runner, and it's a good finish by the big center-half. You said about the bicycle kick-- there's a side-foot volley.

Good technique, good concentration. 1-0 to Poland.