Why Colombia will get a vital 3 points against Senegal

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Ian Joy tells you what Colombia needs to do to get 3 points vs Senegal

IAN JOY: Colombia to get a vital three points against Senegal. This match preview is powered by Slack.

Senegal have been playing well. Their mix of youth like Wagué and experience like Koulibaly and Mané has been terrific to watch. They've managed to turn on their style when it matters most.

They're scoring goals, as well, which is a threat to every single team, including Colombia. But the problem for Senegal is they've also conceded three goals, which is where I think Colombia can take that advantage.

Bring in the wunderkind. The World Cup wunderkind James Rodriguez impressed in match day two, and it will be a tough one because Colombia know that they need to get three points if they want to go to the knockout stages.

As for Senegal, a draw is enough. Will they set up shop and make it difficult for Colombia? I think if they do that, they're running the risk that they might actually go out of the tournament, altogether.

I'm going for Colombia to turn on their style. With 11 players on the field, they've got every opportunity to get all three points.

James Rodriguez to score, and Colombia to win by three goals to one.