Switzerland gets on the board first and takes a lead over Costa Rica

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What a goal! Sponsored by adidas.

- Haris picked it up here. He's got a good run here from Lichsteiner. He's got a lot of space. He's going to whip it across. Right back in front, it's 1-0 Switzerland. They pound it in. Spectacular goal.


It is Dzemaili who has scored. And the Swiss against the run of play here have stuck a dagger in Costa Rica. And you talk about the power of goals, and they have just wrestled this match back.

- Well, sometimes what it's about is not about the amount of opportunities. It's about being surgical when that opportunity comes. Lichsteiner with the great ball across. Breel Embolo being able to head this back and Dzemaili following in. Nobody around him just at the top of the six, and he blasts this one home. Absolutely brilliant combination play all the way around for Switzerland, doing exactly what they needed to do against the run of play and finishing it off. 1-0 Switzerland takes the lead.