Muñoz: ‘Sweden did what Mexico was supposed to do’ | 2018 FIFA World Cup™ Today

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Moisés Muñoz, Alexi Lalas, Clarence Seedorf, and Rob Stone discuss Sweden's 3-0 win over Mexico, which put both teams through to the round of 16. Sweden tops Group F and awaits the runner-up of Group E, while Mexico will take on the winner of Group E.

- This is why you must watch every single game from this World Cup. Lex, I think you nailed it. This is shaping up to be the best World Cup in the history of this tournament. You want reality TV? Here's your reality TV.

- Show me the person that predicted this. Show yourself. I want to see this person that predicted this kind of stuff. It's great. It's great. Every single day it's providing this drama and this entertainment.

I mean, in our studio, around the world, here at Red Square, everybody riveted, glued to the television sets, watching what is going on, going back and forth between these two games as it changes back and forth. The goals go in, the goals go out, the VAR, everything. Oh, wonderful.

- And we're only two games into the day. Wait until later tonight. We still have two spots up for grabs from the other group. Brazil's still in action a little bit later. But the big story here, Clarence, Sweden and Mexico going through. Give Sweden a ton of credit. They came out early and set a tone and said, we're not sitting back for the draw. We're going to get these three points.

- Yeah, absolutely. They were more aggressive than I expected, but then still they were very organized in defense. They didn't give any space to the Mexican team, and came out dangerous with their set pieces, dangerous with getting balls in the box. But mostly what I've seen today is that this team could be a danger for anybody, because they stepped it up. I saw some quality plays. I saw some good possession in some moments. Sweden has given me something to look forward for.

MOISES MUNOZ: I was expecting a lot more from Mexico. We were asking for ball possession. They did have ball possession, but they didn't take them anywhere. I mean, they were not as aggressive as Sweden. They were not any little bit of dangerous in Sweden's area. And, I mean, Sweden just did what Mexico was supposed to do in this game.