What went wrong for Germany? Clarence Seedorf and Alexi Lalas break it down | 2018 FIFA World Cup™ Today

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Clarence Seedorf, Alexi Lalas, Moisés Muñoz, and Rob Stone discuss Germany's shocking 2-0 loss to South Korea. Germany became the 3rd consecutive defending champion to be eliminated in the group stage.

- Today and over the course of this entire tournament, what went wrong with Germany?

- Well Germany started playing average again in the first match, going central against Mexico. Mexico made them pay the price for it. They lost the first one. Came back better in the second match. But what I've missed is the German patience. What I've seen from the defenders, from Neuer in this last match-- I mean, what do you do? You still have time, five minutes, to make it happen. And then he just gifts away the second goal and then it's game over. So for me, the German mentality that everybody talks about always, I haven't seen it. I said it before the match. I saw that they were playing well up front, but that defense and that patience, that was not there.

- I thought Timo Werner works hard, but that man leading the line-- they needed somebody who was going to consistently provide opportunities and score goals up there. That's something that they have had in the past, where they played a false nine and have been able to compensate for that. They weren't able to do that.

And then defensively, as Clarence said, this was a team that was leaking opportunities from the moment that they got to Russia. And sloppy play in the back.

CLARENCE SEEDORF: Alexi, what surprised me is that in the second match, when they had to go for it, it was banging and banging on the door all the time. Every 20 seconds there was a chance or a shot at goal. Here it was every seven minutes they would come and create something. Good chances, but it doesn't give you the feeling that you can really go for it and goal will come.

- It wasn't efficient. It wasn't efficient in the way that we have seen in the past.

MOISES MUNOZ: And actually today they were facing a good opponent. We just saw it right here in the images where Korea had a really good organized defense waiting them out, trying to make them impatient. And it paid off at the end of the game. We saw lots of opportunities on Germany. I mean, we could have seen 10 or 15 more minutes of this game and Germany probably wouldn't have scored in this game.