Alexi Lalas on Argentina’s win: ‘Get out of the group, just get out’ | 2018 FIFA World Cup™ Today

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Alexi Lalas discusses Argentina's late 2-1 win over Nigeria which puts Argentina through to the round of 16 where they will face France.

ALEXI LALAS: Well, first you get a sense of relief. The belief, yes, because they did what everyone expected, but certainly not in the way that everybody expected.

But this was a much better performance. I think starting it off with that-- talk about relief. Messi scoring that goal-- and not just a goal, a magical goal with those touches-- really kind of set the stage for this game.

And then it was just about a lot of moments-- a lot of risk, to be quite honest, in terms of the way that Argentina played right on that edge from a physical perspective. But ultimately they got the job done.

They don't care how you get out of the group. Just get out of the group and get that opportunity.