Paul Pogba talks France’s chance in the 2018 FIFA World Cup™

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Paul Pogba speaks about the young French squad and its players.

MAN: [INAUDIBLE] one of the teams favored to win this World Cup.

MAN: Those players, they are special.

MAN: Absolutely no lack of talent in this group. They are good enough and ready to win the World Cup. The expectations are high. There's no doubt.

This French National Team, it's so young and so talented. They can bring so much for the team. For a lot of players, it's going to be their first World Cup. We just have to get really, really focused on it because the World Cup is very hard when you play against teams that play for their country. You have to be mentally strong, mentally prepared to show them that we want to win it more than them. It's not only a football match. It's like you give your life on the pitch.

MAN: Teenager Kylian Mbappe. Can this man become the superstar we all expect him to be?

PAUL POGBA: Mbappe, for me, I think he has everything to be the next [INAUDIBLE]. He's so young. Technically, he's so good, so fast. He has everything in front of him. Just need to be focused mentally and always want more. The world is going to be his.

MAN: Beautiful performance from Griezmann.

MAN: He has been great for this team.

PAUL POGBA: That's my partner. That's the bad boy. Griezmann is a killer. He's someone who can finish. He's quick with the ball. He's really clever. He has a good mentality. He wants to win trophies. That's the mentality that I like.


MAN: That's what you want to see. That's leadership.

PAUL POGBA: To bring this leadership to the group, it's important because we need this. We need leaders. We need players to show them the way, how to win it and just give them the example. I always tell everybody, all the guys, there is so many players who want to be in our position to play for French National Team. We've been the ones chosen, so we just have to wear this shirt and give our best. But first, enjoy this moment.

MAN: They understand the pressure to live up to their own expectations and I think the world's expectations.

PAUL POGBA: [INAUDIBLE] it's a beautiful memory for me. And I want to repeat it, hopefully. As a player, that would be the dream.