Why Lionel Messi will lead Argentina to the knockout stage

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Ian Joy predicts a big day for Lionel Messi and Argentina in their final group stage match vs Nigeria?

- Messi and Argentina do battle with Nigeria. This match preview is powered by Slack.

Where do I even start with the shambles that is called Argentina at the moment? Coaching changes, rumors of players splitting, experience against youth, trying to choose between themselves. And forgetting about Sampaoli, it's incredible to see the situation Argentina are in right now.

Yet, they still have a chance to qualify for the knockouts. It won't be easy for Lionel Messi and company, but, when Lionel Messi plays, I find it difficult to bet against him.

Musa had himself an excellent game against Iceland, and Nigeria proved a lot of people wrong, including myself. They turned on the performance.

It was excellent. They got the result they wanted, and now they've got a real chance of making it to the knockouts.

I must admit, I'm very tempted to go for Nigeria because of the way they played in match day 2. But when Lionel Messi plays, I can't bet against him. Argentina to win it by two goals to zero, and Messi to score.