Alexi Lalas, Clarence Seedorf on Mohamed Salah and Egypt | 2018 FIFA World Cup™ Today

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Alexi Lalas, Clarence Seedorf, Kelly Smith, and Rob Stone discuss Mohamed Salah's future with the Egyptian national team and Egypt's FIFA World Cup™ performance following a 2-1 loss to Saudi Arabia.

- Mo Salah missed the opener due to that injured shoulder. Second game, he started. Limited to one shot on target. That was his penalty kick goal. Today, he gets another goal but there has been all these conversations out there about discontent with the Egyptian Federation, and a certain picture that was taken in Chechnya.

And now the conversation comes out that Salah might be done with the Egyptian national team. The expectations for him were probably maybe too elevated here at the World Cup, considering what he did for Liverpool, a much more talented team than his national team. But then in the end, Lex, when Mo Salah reflects back on this World Cup, how do you think he's gonna tell the story of it?

- Man, he's gonna tell the story that number one, he was hurt. And that was obvious, and yet he still scored a couple of goals. When we were coming to this World Cup, we were talking about how this shapes or redefines our image of this player, and how it could enhance his image, especially when it comes to the conversation with Cristiano, and the conversation with Messi, and the conversation for the Ballon D'or, and these types of things.

It's not a good World Cup in terms of exiting, but we didn't see the best of him, I think, from a physical perspective because of that injury coming in. So it's not gonna be a positive type of tournament. If this is the end for Mo Salah, for the national team, that's a shame. But I think it's certainly not the end in terms of watching him score goals and play soccer.

- I doubt that this is the end. I think that they will change coach, probably, and the new coach, first thing he will do is go after Salah and convince him to continue. It's really too early. He is in the finest stage of his career now, and we should really enjoy this. I even enjoyed, fully, my experience on the national team and I miss it.

- I've been injured coming into a tournament in the Olympics. I had a [INAUDIBLE] to my foot and I wasn't at full fitness, so I know exactly how he's feeling. 60% to 70% fit-- he's frustrated. So I'm with you, Clarence, that I think he would want another opportunity to play another World Cup. There's no way he can retire. He's too young and too good.

- Mo, don't leave the Pharoahs. Don't. Don't do--