Spain scores an equalizer to tie Morocco 1-1

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What a goal! Sponsored by adidas.


WARREN BARTON: Well, what you've seen since the goal was made. There's a little bit of an edge about them.

JOHN STRONG: A little touch by Costa into the path of Iniesta. Brings it back, and it's slammed in by Isco! A Spain classic, and quickly they have answered to equalize Morocco 1, Spain 1!

WARREN BARTON: Don't change your style. Just oozes class.

They're patient, and they were relentless with their passing and movement. And it's the old-- I'll call him an old guy. Iniesta with the subtle touches, the composure. He caresses the ball.

Isco starts it off. There he goes. He's off. But this one here. He just waits.

That is breathtaking by an outstanding player. Look at Iniesta. He's done that time after time, year after year.

And there's the new kid on the block that could take over from Iniesta. Isco. Last two seasons, a Champions League winner.

He enjoys it. He's seen enough football in his time to realize that that's a great goal.

And there's a great player. He's great because he emphasizes the game.

He keeps the game simple. He's clinical. He's ruthless.