Morocco takes an early lead against Spain

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What a goal! Sponsored by adidas.

[NO SPEECH] WARREN BARTON: Look at all the space in behind the back two now of Spain.

JOHN STRONG: And here's some of that space. Boutaib into that space! Piqué coming back!

Boutaib is in! A chance to get Morocco the opener! And he does!

Their first goal of the 2018 World Cup! It's Boutaib against Spain!

WARREN BARTON: And you can't say they don't deserve it over the first two games. Their game plan was to allow them to have it. And when there's a moment of hesitation, of a sloppy pass, you go for the jugular.

He had half the field to match. But Sergio Ramos had turned the ball over.

I said it. They're leaving themselves exposed. It's one thing having the ball. With miscommunication, and now he's off.

He's not the quickest, but he's calm, cool, and puts it through de Gea's legs. And this is difficult because you've got time, you know a defender's coming back.

But he waits, and the execution is excellent. de Gea calmly spreads himself. He just rolls it through his legs.