Marco Reus scores a clutch second-half equalizer for Germany

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An opportune goal for Germany. Sponsored by adidas.

ANNOUNCER: Away wide. Timo Werner, running-- got across it. Takes a touch. Germany's goal. Tie game. Marco Reus. Their World Cup title defense still alive, and a long ways to go tonight here in Sochi.

ANNOUNCER: Gets the ball wide. Timo Werner takes on Lustig one against one, and uses his speed to create a half yard to get this cross off. He's now playing in these wide positions because Gomez has gone centrally.

It's a really clever cut back, and it's actually the touch from Gomez that takes it up. Marco Reus does really well to adjust here. Just to get anything on it, and it looks like it came off the knee in the end. And in the back of the net.