90 in 90: Germany vs. Sweden | 2018 FIFA World Cup™ Highlights

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Watch 90 seconds of Germany vs. Sweden in 90 seconds.

COMMENTATOR 1: Can they keep Germany on track or can Sweden pull off a stunner? They will get a cross in. Stamped down by Granqvist. Couldn't get it fully clear.

For the bylines, Werner. A second chance to get it in front. That was saved in front by--

Rüdiger under some pressure from Toivonen now. Forces the giveaway. Early ball. Berg running in behind.

Berg is behind the defense. A heavy touch. Neuer hesitating. Berg. Tackle at the last second from Boateng.

World Cup. He had a dislocated kneecap before the European Championship. In for Toivonen. Toivonen trying to get there. He got a chip on it. Sweden has scored.

COMMENTATOR 2: From Toivonen. Off the chest. Rüdiger can't get there, and it actually takes the slightest of deflections off of his shin. Then carries it up and over Manuel Neuer.

Set pieces.

COMMENTATOR 1: He's looking to take it quickly before the Germans are ready. Berg got a head to it. What a save by Neuer.

Roaming wide, Timo Werner. Bringing it nicely. Got a cross in.

Takes a touch. Germany's goal. Tie game.

COMMENTATOR 2: Marco Reus does really well to adjust here just to get anything on it. And it looks like it came off the knee in the end.

COMMENTATOR 1: Four appearances. Guidetti working hard to win that header. Berg is down.

COMMENTATOR 2: Giving it to him.

COMMENTATOR 1: Has shown him the yellow card.


COMMENTATOR 1: Just showed him a second yellow. Jérome Boateng is off.

Get down. Brandt is there with him. Instead crosses back. And Gómez. What a save.

COMMENTATOR 2: What a save.

COMMENTATOR 1: Rolled across to the far side. Julian Brandt through traffic. Off the post, and Werner missed it.

Reus is right there to touch it to him. Kroos will now fire in front, and he scores!

COMMENTATOR 2: Peach of a strike from Kroos. Look at the bend, the whip, and how it dips into the back corner.