Serbia’s expectations are raised after winning their first game in the 2018 FIFA World Cup™

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The pressure is on Serbia to keep it's country happy ahead of the 2nd match vs Switzerland

NARRATOR: In recent years, the Serbia shirts has weighed heavily on the shoulders of its players. They've qualified for only two of the last six major tournaments. But in their win over Costa Rica, there were the first signs that the current generation could be set to finally deliver on the grandest stage.


With that result, came raised expectations.


INTERPRETER: That's what it's like in Serbia. When you don't get the results, you face heavy criticism. But when you succeed, people are simply happy and appreciative, but they also want more.

NARRATOR: Keeping their nation happy would be to record another win, this time against Switzerland, which would be enough to see them qualify for the round of 16.


INTERPRETER: We are all aware what our victory would mean. And after Costa Rica there was no euphoria. We enjoyed the victory, but it's in the past now.

This could be a defining match in our careers, but it's also in theirs too.

NARRATOR: In his first major tournament as a coach, Mladen Krstajic may have finally struck the right balance in Serbia's midfield. With the recent introduction of Sergej Milinkevic-Savic, alongside Nemanja Matic and Luka Milivojevic.


INTERPRETER: I think Nemanja and myself have released Sergej from some of the defensive burden, so he was able to display his full potential. We saw how great he was on the ball.

NARRATOR: This exciting Serbia team are on the verge of doing something special. For some, it could be the perfect swansong.


INTERPRETER: For us older players, those of us playing most probably our final tournament, it would be an opportunity to really make our mark on the national team and enter the history books.