Coutinho scores a stoppage-time goal for Brazil

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What a goal!

ANNOUNCER: Marcelo. Cross comes in from Marcelo. Got it down in front. Controlled by Jesus. Running on two. And it's Coutinho.


Surely a winner in stoppage time. Philippe Coutinho.


ANNOUNCER: Wow, they won the World Cup. Look what it means to the bench, the players. We're seeing, the staff are on the field. And it's that man, again, Coutinho. He anticipates so well.

Hits the ball into the air. But just watch now. He's at the bottom of the scrim. He comes in and just toe pokes that through Navas. He takes it early, so Navas can't get set.

Here he is at the top of the scrim. He comes in. And he just pokes it through. And Navas, right away, through his legs. [INAUDIBLE] does great.

It's a bad touch. But there he is. The Barcelona man tucks it away. What a feeling. Go and enjoy.

He did. He goes over. Look! Ha, ha, ha, ha.