Luka Modrić interview after Croatia’s 3-0 win over Argentina | FIFA World Cup™

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Luka Modrić talks after Croatia's 3-0 win over Argentina in the 2018 FIFA World Cup™


INTERPRETER: [INAUDIBLE]. Congratulations Croatia made it to the finals. Thank you. What to say? I think we played the way we wanted. Excellent game. In particular, second half. Against such a good team like Argentina, that's the way to play. We played perfectly. As I said, in particular, second half.

ANNOUNCER: Take a look at the heat map comparing Messi and Luka, yeah?

ANNOUNCER: Yeah, well, you look at-- Luka Modric is a playmaker. And he's in and around that area. You would like to have seen Messi's heat map with him a little bit more in and around the penalty box, like I said. But looking at what Luka Modric does for his team, you'd expect his heat map to be like that. And Messi's obviously-- I'd have expected a lot more in the opposing box on both occasions. But you didn't see it, unfortunately.

- But ultimately, the heat map shows where you are. So what you do in that position is crucial. So even when Messi's in those positions, at times, he might just be standing there, as we've seen before.

- And he was. He was, Lex.