Lionel Messi makes a kid’s day before Argentina’s game vs. Croatia

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Watch Lionel Messi make a kid's day as he waits to head to the field before Argentina's game vs Croatia

ANNOUNCER 1: Like his mom said, we're sure the country thinks that he doesn't care. He does care. I don't know anyone who doesn't care about their country. He's got the weight of an unbelievable legend and a country on his shoulders. And I hope that he can prove everybody wrong today.

ANNOUNCER 2: You see Luca Modric there on the left. Lex, why do you think Croatia smells blood in the water?

ALEXI LALAS: Because I think that they've just been sitting back, watching this drama unfold with Messi, with this team. They will have watched that first game. They will recognize that this is a wounded team. And most importantly, I think they'll turn around and look behind them, if you're Luca Modric, and say, I got a damn good team behind me. All right?

And we don't fear anyone. And there is no pressure on us.